Like my friends, you can call me “B”! I’m a Certified Cosmetic Tattoo Eyebrows Artist in Vancouver, BC. While growing up, I’ve always been passionate about art. Whether it be creating large 3 piece paintings or doodling on my notepad, I look forward to every chance to get my creative juices running. I’m passionate about the new eyebrows I create and you can see it in my work. It brings a sense of happiness when the brows I create allow you to sleep in an extra 15 minutes ;).

I've previously worked as a Certified Dental Assistant for two years. As a Certified Dental Assistant, I’m very detail-oriented and you can be assured that I’m very familiar with healthy hygiene protocols. In addition, I've started an online cosmetic brand that caters to women. I’ve developed the important skill of listening to the needs of my clients and advising on what will work based on their facial characteristics.

I truly believe eyebrows can change your life.

In my Chinese culture, we say eyebrows will determine if the person is lucky in life or not. Like many Asian parents, they always want us to have balance and harmony in the brows area. For that reason, I strive to create brows that can bring you good luck. Many times, I hear great improvements from my clients when they come back for their 6 week touch up such as meeting a new significant other, getting a new job, receiving new opportunities and overall increase in happiness. 😊 That is amazing news! I absolutely enjoy what I am doing and thank you so much for trusting me! 😄

P.S. This photo was taken by one of my amazing clients, Carolyn Tanaka, who decided to pursue something new in her life.